Summer Reading

9th grade:
The verdict is in:
9th grade summer reading will be: The Secret Life of Bees for 5.0 and The Secret Life of Bees AND The Old Man and the Sea for 6.0/HP.

9th grade survey:

High School:

Summer Reading Will Count for 10% of first marking period grade:

When we grade summer reading tests, we should tell students their scores as a percentage, but hold off on entering it until we know the total points for our marking period. At the end of the marking period, make a column for a total score on all summer reading tests and projects. The formula to use to find out how much the summer reading should be worth in your class would be:

Y = X / 9
Y = test score
X = marking period total (without test score)

(The math behind this formula)

Once you know the total value of Summer reading, you can use the Excel template above to figure out the numerical scores for a percentage of your summer reading value.
All you have to do is plug in the percentage and the total point value. A calculator also performs the same magic. :)



Please use the discussion board at the top to voice your opinions about using this method.

Thank you!