English 10.5...

Anyone missing Finny and Gene?
I am. I keep breaking out the pink shirt as my own tacit tribute.


Great site for our curriculum:

Catcher in the Rye-

Character Graphic Organizer-good for 4.0 as well (PN Jacobson)
Catcher Packet (includes questions for each chapter and some creative stuff) (PN Jacobson)
Catcher Quotes - (PN Jacobson) -I cut these out and display them prominently around the room as an introduction to Catcher. This worked well for me in engaging the students early on.
Cultural References Assignment- (PN Jacobson)
Journal Prompts for Catcher (PN Jacobson)
Holden Caulfield and Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome- (PN Jacobson)
The Anti-Hero: Worksheet to accompany clips of Rebel Without a Cause and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (PN Jacobson)

Good articles for further inquiry if kids are having trouble finding sources: (PN Jacobson)


History-Overview (PN Jacobson)


Student Guide (S. Cassel)

Teacher Guide (S. Cassel)

Scrapbook Project-(PN Jacobson)
**Scrapbook Project**

A Doll's House and Realism- (PN Jacobson)

Analyzing A Doll's House (PN Jacobson)


My kids actually had fun with this - they had to write their own Infernos...

A virtual tour of Dante's Inferno (this is great!) (Jacobson)


Discussion Question and Webquest Packet


The above is a project I tried this year after experiencing the joy of Gilgamesh. I will work on putting links to the articles on this page at a later date. --Melissa