CPS Clickers

Passing time before the session begins?

Here is a blog post Scott wrote on the subject.
Here is a PODCAST the AICs made about using CPS.
Here is a .pdf file you can view as an instruction manual: external image pdf.png cps instruction manual.pdf

Live support online: http://www.einstruction.com/

Free online training videos, materials, online sessions: http://www.einstruction.com/programs/product-training

Sidebar: The clickers work with Study Island.

PowerPoint with Screen Captures of steps in Getting Started: external image vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation.png CPS presentation.pptx

Getting Started:

1) You can open the software by clicking the CPS icon on your desktop. You can create and edit your class lists, assessments, and lessons without having the clickers connected. HOWEVER, if you want to use the clickers, we recommend plugging in the USB device to connect the clickers BEFORE opening the CPS software. We've even had better success when the computer is restarted with the USB connected.

It takes a few minutes to type in student names for each class. Once you've done this, they are permanently saved in CPS.
However, if you feel you MUST, it can be done.
To import class lists:
a) Start the class list in CPS software.
b) Export to Excel (to have the headers exactly right).
c) Bring in the names and information for your class from Gradebook.
d) Save as a CSV file.
Here's a video that covers these steps in greater depth: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhyxPRg74cg

3) The quickest way: enter your students by typing
Prepare > Classes & Students > New > Class
Prepare > Classes & Students > New > Student

4) Turn an existing worksheet into a CPS quiz or lesson for students to take at their own pace:
Prepare > Lessons and Assessments > New > Fast Grade Lesson > enter correct answers

5) Create a quiz or lesson using CPS - QUESTION AUTHOR
Prepare > Lessons and Assessments > New > Lesson > enter information > enter questions, save after each
Type questions in question fields. Tab to get to the answer choices fields.

6) Engage -
To start a lesson or quiz, under the "engage" tab, click the checkbox next to its name, then click the "Engage" button.
You can also first choose "Assessment Setup" to change the method of delivery.

Let's look at a CPS lesson and answer questions with the clickers

7) Report -
To view your students' results for a single assessment or over time, use the "report" tab
Report > check next to the assessment > click "Generate" > select the type of report you'd like.

Let's go over some of the data options CPS provides

8) PowerPoint for CPS - pg. 31 in Instruction Manual .pdf file.

9) Food for thought - use these to let kids vote on what they want to do/learn
  • 4 Standard Options: Homework review, Extra Practice, Project, Re-learn with a teacher
  • Once they've voted, put them in groups and turn them loose
  • 4 "Different" Options: How fast an object falls from the building, How long it takes it to fall, How high the building is
  • Their interest drives what you do in class that day
  • Use CPS to check for understanding -- one question for the day, change your answer when your understanding changes

10) Time to create...
Make your class lists, make some assessments, or try PowerPoint for CPS.


The remotes have a manual reset built into them. You can manually reset the clicker by removing the batteries, holding down both of the arrow keys (<,>) for about 15-20 seconds. When you put the batteries back in, the remote should then be reset to factory settings.

Troubleshooting the clickers: